Catherine Sarah


The program was informative and I gained much and am now more confident in the process and have the tools to refer to improve my skills. The third session (which Cath delivered) was by far the most interactive and most enjoyable.

Emerging Leaders Program, University of Adelaide*

Thank you for the opportunity. Cath was an excellent facilitator – down to earth, realistic, highly knowledgeable.

Leader as Coach, University of Adelaide*

Cath’s presentation, responses and ability to engage, respond, provoke and bring together participants was excellent. Very calm, measured, thoughtful.

“[We are] very happy with how you’ve partnered with us on this program, and our positive impressions have been validated by the feedback we’ve received.”

Planned review & development, SAFECOM*

“I particularly liked the session we did together, provided a good outline of what was expected and provided a place to start.”

Country Health SA Local Health Network, Growing Leaders Program*

Cath modeled positive and effective feedback and relationship building in the way she listened to people's contribution and valued their ideas. Cath’s warm nature comes through and the way she reframed and contextualised what the person said, connecting it to research or another area of the skill.

Cath kept the learning connected to the framework and I think people would have had a good understanding that a performance conversation goes through stages and honing our technique in each stage will support effectiveness.

The way Cath helped people unpack and engage with the handbook as we went through it was very helpful and I'm sure will have piqued the participants curiosity and encourage them to go back to it and use it for reference in their work.

Performance Counts, Department for Education*

Cath is a good presenter, knowledgeable and friendly.

A very encouraging and supportive presenter that made all the information very relatable.

Very positive and accepting of everyone’s opinions. Spoke clearly and slowly. Encouraged interactions.

Cath provided a good mixture between theory and getting us out of our sets to interact and discuss. I founds it's a very useful and practical course. The presenter is very well prepared and knowledgeable on the subject.

Excellent presenter! Encouraged participation and was very knowledgeable.

On the job training and supervision, Auditor-General's Department*

Well thought out approach for meeting core competencies across ASO 3-4.

Cath was very knowledgeable and helpful. Has given me more confidence with my application.

Merit based selection, Auditor-General's Department*

*As Associate Consultant, HRM consulting