Catherine Sarah


Coaching philosophy and approach

Cath’s approach to coaching is underpinned by a client-centred, solution-oriented approach. Past clients will attest to Cath’s ability to develop a coaching relationship that enables clients to be safely challenged, enabling them to improve their performance and capability.

Cath uses contemporary best practice evidence-based coaching approaches, including the academically grounded and evidence based ‘I-GROW’ model. This is a proven effective model to use when planning and structuring a series of coaching sessions.

Cath strives to create a collaborative approach to the coaching relationship. Initially, she will work with the coachee to clarify and agree on the purpose of the coaching relationship.

Areas of specialty and interest

  • Increasing self awareness – knowing and understanding yourself
  • Individual development for emerging leaders – developing leadership skills and enhancing leadership capability
  • Building job readiness – resume preparation, managing application process, interview practice, offer acceptance and post interview feedback.

Coaching for Performance

  • Building trust and relationships
  • Developing self awareness and understanding
  • Managing up and Influencing
  • Situational leadership
  • Engaging others and values based teamwork
  • Performance and development

Skills Coaching

  • Values-based
  • Communicating with impact
  • Effectively giving and receiving feedback
  • Supervision skills
  • Goal setting
  • Job readiness skills

Recent Experience

Cath has over 10 years of coaching experience in a diverse range of sectors including private, public, not-for-profit and higher education sectors.

Individual coaching clients, 2008 – present, achieving a range of outcomes including:

  • Increasing leaders autonomy and accountability
  • Optimising staff performance excellence
  • Improving leaders engagement levels
  • Leaders achieving key performance results

As well as coaching individual clients Cath facilitates ‘Leader as Coach’ group workshops with current and emerging leaders.*

University Of Adelaide, 2017, 2018 and 2019 – ‘Leader as Coach workshops*

  • For Professional and Academic staff at the HEO6 to HEO9 level, including Course Coordinators and Program Directors improving staff capability for the long term, facilitating effective delegation of work and optimising staff performance excellence.

Iocane, 2018 – Group Coaching for Team Leaders*

  • Technical high performing leaders who were looking to grow leadership skills and strategies.

Adelaide Hills Councils Team and Team Leader Coaching, 2016 – 2017*

  • Managing for improved performance: those leaders challenged by specific attitudinal/behavioural aspects of their role.

Department for Education and Child Development, 2012 – 2018*

  • ‘Performance Counts’ workshops for Leaders and staff, including enhancing coaching capability
  • ‘Introduction to Coaching’ workshops for leaders and staff, including practicing core coaching capabilities.

As Associate Consultant with HRM Matters*


Thanks for your assistance with my growth. It has been a great journey. You shine the light in so many women. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is very evident. As a client we each carry a portion of your passion in our own growth journey going forward. You’re a true inspiration Cath.


I had reached a stage in my life when I felt I had “stalled”, had no direction and at 59 my thoughts had turned to retirement with a fear of what this would mean. I had heard about life coaching and after several enquires decided to contact Cath Sarah because of her “holistic” approach to coaching. I immediately felt comfortable with Cath and we quickly started to explore where I was at and, under Cath’s direction, I began to get a clearer picture of how I wanted to move forward.

This took me by surprise as I realised that I was not ready to plan retirement but was keen to again work at a more senior level and apply for a promotion that had recently arisen at work. Cath encouraged me through this time. I was successful in my application and I have now spent 3 very fulfilling years in this job (and in life generally!). Many thanks to Cath for her help, support and encouragement at this time and I would certainly recommend anyone who has lost motivation and direction to consider working with a life coach – and of course in particular with Cath.

Marilyn Wiley