Catherine Sarah


About Catherine

Cath has over 20 years’ experience in program management, coaching and facilitation in a diverse range of sectors including private, public, not-for-profit and adult education sectors (vocational and higher). Her specialty areas are developing aspiring and emerging leaders transitioning from technical to people leadership roles, new leaders deepening self-understanding and enhancing their leadership capacity. Cath also develops middle managers to build and sustain a quality performance development culture in their context.

Cath has also been an Associate Consultant with HRM Matters (formerly trading as VLee HRM Consulting) for eight years and she and Veronica Lee work regularly together on whole of organisational leadership programs.

Cath has highly developed skills in facilitating learning and development. Based on Kolb’s experiential learning model, she uses an active learning approach and tailors programs specifically to your needs. Cath is an engaging and passionate facilitator who enjoys drawing out the experience of participants and encouraging reflective practice.

Facilitation topics include customised capacity building sessions for staff, middle and emerging leaders such as Coaching, Managing up and Upward strategic influence, Effective and productive communication, Teamwork, Performance and development, Goal setting and motivation, Personal power, Supervision skills and Career development.

Experience includes:

Aspiring Leaders Program, University of Adelaide 2019*

  • Developed and delivered ‘Communicating with Impact’ workshop and moderated online forum

Workforce Development strategy support, Iocane 2018 – present*

  • Recruitment and selection psychometric testing support, Mentoring program, Career development, Embedding values, Coaching

Emerging Leaders Program, University of Adelaide, 2017*

  • Developed and delivered ‘Communicating with Impact’ workshop and moderated online forum

SAFECOM, 2019*

  • Delivered tailored planned review and development workshop for 360 staff and leadership

Managing at Adelaide, University of Adelaide, 2018, 2019*

  • Ongoing ‘Leader as Coach’ workshops

‘Growing Leaders Program’, Country Health SA Local Health Network, April 2017, 2016*

  • Designed and delivered concurrent sessions for Mentees

‘Senior and Middle Management Development’, Lightforce SA, September 2016*

  • Co-facilitated full-day workshop in Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI step 1)
  • Ongoing recruitment and selection support

‘Managing and Developing People’, Department for Education and Child Development, 2012-2018*

  • Delivered ‘Performance Counts’ training sessions to DECD and DCSI (formerly Families SA) middle and senior leaders

‘Leading Improvement Program’, Department for Education and Child Development, February – November 2013*

  • Designed, delivered and evaluated series of workshops for 250 middle and executive leaders across all secondary schools in the northern Adelaide region

Other key programs:

  • Iocane, 2017- present*
  • Zahra Foundation 2018 – present*
  • Lightforce, 2016 – 2018*
  • Adelaide Hills Councils Team Development and 1:1, 2016 - 2017*
  • Department for Education, 2013 – 2018*
  • Rub Massage Group, 2016
  • University of South Australia, Central Marketing Team, 2015 *
  • Super SA, South Australian Government, 2014*
  • Auditor Generals Office, 2014 – 2016*
  • Flinders University, 2015*
  • SANFL, career planning and job readiness, 2012 – 2015*
  • Catherine House Inc., 2011 – 2018
  • Department of Treasury and Finance, 2014*
  • Institute of Public Administration (IPAA) Professional Development Program Manager, 2008 - 2010
  • IPAA annual sector-wide Mentoring Program, 2008 - 2010

*Associate consultant with HRM Matters